Control Based Interventions

Control therapy consists of an 8- to 12-week step-by-step treatment program that involves defining the area of concern, performing assessment, monitoring, goal setting, determining the appropriate strategies, teaching the strategies, and performing evaluation.

Therapeutic interventions involve detailed and well-defined clinical instructions for matching treatment strategy to the client's control profile, thus offering both standardized, replicable techniques and providing flexibility and sensitivity to each client's individual needs and style.

Based on the goal selected, individually tailored cognitive and behavioral strategies are utilized to help clients regain a sense of control through one or both of the positive modes of control. The assertive/change mode of control, which has historically been emphasized by Western scientific psychology, involves having individuals learn to identify, monitor, and gain active control of those aspects of their lives that are or should be amenable to change.

The yielding, accepting mode, which has historically been emphasized by non-Western philosophical and psychological traditions, helps clients learn the value of surren dering, accepting, and letting go with serenity (i.e., without feelings of helplessness or resignation) of those aspects of their lives that are not under personal control, or of inappropriate active control efforts. Practical instructions in each mode are explained, as well as ways to integrate and achieve balance between the two positive modes.

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