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Use of alcohol is common; regular use or abuse of other drugs is less common (Grant & Dawson, 1999). At some time in their adult lives two thirds of Americans have been regular drinkers (consumed at least 12 drinks in a year). In contrast, just under 16% of Americans are regular drug users (illicit use of a drug at least 12 times in a year) at some point in their lives. The lifetime prevalence of Substance Abuse and Dependence varies by substance, with different prevalence rates for men and women. Alcohol Abuse or Dependence is most common, with a lifetime prevalence for men of 25.5% and for women of 11.4%. In contrast, 8.1% of men and 4.2% of women have had any form of drug abuse or dependence at some time in their lives. The most common drug of abuse or dependence is cannabis, followed by prescription drugs, cocaine, amphetamines, hallucinogens, opiates, and sedatives.

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Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Being addicted to drugs is a complicated matter condition that's been specified as a disorder that evidences in the obsessional thinking about and utilization of drugs. It's a matter that might continue to get worse and become disastrous and deadly if left untreated.

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