Governance and Organization

The organization is governed by an executive council comprised of seven members elected by the full (voting) mem bership at large; an international representative, elected by international voting members; and a student representative, elected by the student members. The council members reflect the diverse interests of the membership in that one council member is elected to represent each of the following interests: the international community, applied behavior analysis, and the experimental analysis of behavior. There also are two elected members-at-large. The other elected members of the council are the immediate past president, the president, and the president-elect. Presidents thus serve a 3-year term on the council and serve as president of the organization for 1 year.

The executive council oversees the work of a number of boards, each with committees and special-purpose task forces that represent the diverse interests and concerns of the organization. The boards are the Science Policy and Research Board; the Education Board; the Standards, Accreditation, and Professional Affairs Board; the Affiliated Chapters Board; the Membership Board; the Program Board; and the Publication Board.

The ABA is administered by an executive director and a staff at its central office in Kalamazoo.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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