Issues In Aptitude Test Design and Development

Researchers are interested in elucidating (1) relationships between aptitudes and the criterion measures that the aptitudes predict, (2) types of aptitudes being measured and interrelationships between the aptitudes, (3) the manner in which the aptitudes are measured, and (4) the psychomet-

ric properties of tests in given testing sessions. Psychometric issues include standardizability, reliability, validity, and adverse impact.

Test administration issues include the time available for testing, resources and technology needed for administration and scoring of aptitude tests, and adaptability of tests and testing equipment for different test sites. Test utility issues include ease of administration, costs associated with training test administrators, maintaining test sites and equipment, and preparing test materials. Implementation of testing programs that have broad applicability in a timely manner remains an important challenge. Furthermore, tests should be designed so that the resulting information, when used in selection and classification efforts, minimizes attrition.

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