It seems like only a few short months since we co-edited The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science. We have now compiled the materials for the "Concise" edition of these volumes. In this edition, we have asked previous authors to update their material to reflect the most recent ideas and research findings on their topics. This edition also contains new entries because the fields of psychology and neuroscience continue to flourish. Although each entry is shorter than those of the four volume Encyclopedia, we trust they are thorough enough to be informative to the reader. Numerous authors have referred to other publications relevant to their entries in this book, and we trust these will be useful to the reader in gathering additional details about the topics of interest. The purpose of the Encyclopedia is to provide succinct summaries of information regarding the most important topics in Psychology and Neuroscience for the reader. We hope this concise edition will make that material available to an even wider audience.

We would like to thank our numerous contributors (about 800) who have provided materials for this book. AI-though deciding on topics to be included and collating and editing the entries is an extensive undertaking, it is the authors who have provided the actual information in the book, and to them we are extremely grateful. We are also grateful to Alinne Barrera, our Managing Editor, for her excellent attention to detail in monitoring the entries as they came and went and for corresponding with the numerous contributors to the volume. We are also grateful to Wade and Margaret Craighead for their assistance in managing various details of keeping us on track in the production of this book. Finally, we are grateful to the staff at John Wiley & Sons, particularly former Wiley editor Jennifer Simon, and current Vice President and Publisher Peggy Alexander for their support of this project and bringing the book into existence, and to Kelly Franklin who brought us to Wiley in the first place.

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