Range of Applied Research Settings

The range of applied research settings spans the broad range of society itself. Problems are scientifically addressed in settings ranging from hospitals, clinics, and other human service facilities to the areas of business and industry, courts and correctional institutions, law enforcement and community policing, government and military services, consulting and research organizations, clinical and counseling practice, and community planning.

The problems and questions are as wide-ranging as the settings themselves. Hospitals and clinics may need help in addressing problems that relate to preparing patients and their families for major surgery or working with those who have experienced a specific type of trauma. Business and industry may need assistance in personnel selection for given positions "on the line" or in upper-level management. A given industry may need to determine how to most effectively design a work space within a factory or the controls within an airplane cockpit to minimize fatigue and maximize performance efficiency. Community planners may need to know what elements and architectural designs to build into their communities in order to create living spaces and communities conducive to positive social interaction and emotional health. Schools may need to effectively test student strengths and counsel these students on compatible career matches. All of these and related questions require the knowledge, expertise, and training of applied psychology and applied research.

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