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Neural repair and rehabilitation: an introduction xv

Section A: Neural plasticity 1

Section A1: Cellular and molecular 3

mechanisms of neural plasticity

1 Anatomical and biochemical plasticity of neurons: regenerative growth of axons, sprouting, pruning, and denervation supersensitivity 5 Oswald Steward

2 Learning and memory: basic principles and model systems 26

Kimberly M. Christian, Andrew M. Poulos, Richard F. Thompson

3 Short-term plasticity: facilitation and post-tetanic potentiation 44 Ralf Schneggenburger

4 Long-term potentiation and long-term depression 60 Zafir I. Bashir, Peter V. Massey

5 Cellular and molecular mechanisms of associative and nonassociative learning 79 John H. Byrne, Diasinou Fioravante,

Evangelos G. Antzoulatos

Section A2: Functional plasticity in 95

CNS system

6 Plasticity of mature and developing somatosensory systems 97 Jon H. Kaas, Tim P. Pons

7 Activity-dependent plasticity in the intact spinal cord 109

Jonathan R. Wolpaw

8 Plasticity of cerebral motor functions: implications for repair and rehabilitation 126 Catherine L. Ojakangas, John P. Donoghue

9 Plasticity in visual connections: retinal ganglion cell axonal development and regeneration 147 Kurt Haas, Hollis T. Cline

10 Plasticity in auditory functions 162 Josef P. Rauschecker

11 Cross-modal plasticity in sensory systems 180

Krishnankutty Sathian

12 Attentional modulation of cortical plasticity 194 Bharathi Jagadeesh

Section A3: Plasticity after injury to the CNS 207

13 Plasticity in the injured spinal cord 209 Serge Rossignol

14 Plasticity after brain lesions 228 Randolph J. Nudo, Ines Eisner-Janowicz,

Ann M. Stowe

15 From bench to bedside: influence of theories of plasticity on human neurorehabilitation 248 Agnes Floel, Leonardo G. Cohen

Section B: Neural repair 267

Section B1: Basic cellular and molecular 269 processes

16 Neuronal death and rescue: neurotrophic factors and anti-apoptotic mechanisms 271 Thomas W. Gould, Ronald W. Oppenheim

17 Axon degeneration and rescue 293 John W. Griffin, Ahmet Hoke, Thien T. Nguyen

18 Adult neurogenesis and neural precursors, progenitors, and stem cells in the adult CNS 303

Jeffrey D. Macklis, Gerd Kempermann

19 Axon guidance during development and regeneration 326

Simon W. Moore, Timothy E. Kennedy

20 Synaptogenesis 346 Matthew S. Kayser, Matthew B. Dalva

Section B2: Determinants of regeneration 363 in the injured nervous system

21 Inhibitors of axonal regeneration 365 Tim Spencer, Marco Domeniconi,

Marie T. Filbin

22 Effects of the glial scar and extracellular matrix molecules on axon regeneration 390 Jared H. Miller, Jerry Silver

23 Trophic factors and their influence on regeneration 405 Joel M. Levine, Lorne M. Mendell

24 Intraneuronal determinants of regeneration 421 Lisa J. McKerracher, Michael E. Selzer

Section B3: Promotion of regeneration 443 in the injured nervous system

25 Cell replacement in spinal cord injury 445 Itzhak Fischer, Angelo C. Lepne,

Steve Sang Woo Han, Alan R. Tessler

26 Dysfunction and recovery in demyelinated and dysmyelinated axons 468 Stephen G. Waxman

27 Role of Schwann cells in peripheral nerve regeneration 487

Wesley J. Thompson

28 Transplantation of Schwann cells and olfactory ensheathing cells to promote regeneration in the CNS 513 Mary B. Bunge, Patrick M. Wood

29 Trophic factor delivery by gene therapy 532 Ken Nakamura, Un Jung Kang

30 Assessment of sensorimotor function after spinal cord injury and repair 548

Ronaldo M. Ichiyama, Roland R. Roy, V. Reggie Edgerton

Section B4: Translational research: 563

application to human neural injury

31 Alzheimer's disease, model systems and experimental therapeutics 565 Donald L. Price, Tong Li, Huaibin Caj,

Philip C. Wong

32 Biomimetic design of neural prostheses 587 Gerald E. Loeb, Cesar E. Blasco

33 Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control 602 Jonathan R. Wolpaw and Niels Birbaumer

34 Status of neural repair clinical trials in brain diseases 615 Olle F. Lindvall, Peter Hagell

Index 633

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