Contents contents of Volume II

Preface Contributors

Neural repair and rehabilitation: an introduction xv

Section A: Technology of neurorehabilitation 1

Section A1: Outcomes measurement and diagnostic technology 3

1 Outcomes measurement: basic principles and applications in stroke rehabilitation 5 Carol L. Richards, Sharon Wood-Dauphinee, Francine Malouin

2 Human voluntary motor control and dysfunction 24

Catherine E. Lang, Karen T. Reilly, Marc H. Schieber

3 Assessments, interventions, and outcome measures for walking 37

Bruce H. Dobkin

4 Electromyography in neurorehabilitation 48 Austin J. Sumner, Amparo Gutierrez

5 Functional neuroimaging 56

Nick S. Ward, Richard S.J. Frackowiak vi Contents

Section A2: Therapeutic technology

6 Cell transplantation therapy for Parkinson's disease Brian J. Snyder, C. Warren Olanow

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