7 Conditions of task practice for individuals with neurologic impairments 89

Carolee J. Winstein, Jill Campbell Stewart

8 Balance training 103

Gammon M. Earhart, Fay B. Horak

9 Functional electrical stimulation in neurorehabilitation 119

Peter H. Gorman, Gad Alon, P. Hunter Peckham

10 Environmental control and assistive devices 136

Jessica Johnson, William C. Mann

11 Wheelchair design and seating technology 147 Rory A. Cooper, Rosemarie Cooper,

Michael L. Boninger

15 Chronic pain 219 Herta Flor, Frank Andrasik

16 Loss of somatic sensation 231 Leeanne Carey

17 Management of spasticity 248 David A. Gelber

18 Arm and hand weakness 265 Sarah Blanton, Steven L. Wolf

19 Gait disorders and rehabilitation 283 Volker Dietz

20 Balance, vestibular and oculomotor dysfunction 298 Courtrey D. Hall, Susan J. Herdman

21 Deconditioning and energy expenditure 315 Marilyn MacKay-Lyons

12 Rehabilitation robotics, orthotics, and prosthetics

Hermongo Igo Krebs, Neville Hogan, William K. Durfee, Hugh M. Herr

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