Therapeutic technology


6. Cell transplantation therapy for Parkinson's disease 71 Brian J. Snyder and C. Warren Olanow

7. Conditions of task practice for individuals with neurologic impairments 89 Carolee J. Winstein and Jill Campbell Stewart

8. Balance training 103 Gammon M. Earhart and Fay B. Horak

9. Functional electrical stimulation in neurorehabilitation 119 Peter H. Gorman, Gad Alon and P. Hunter Peckham

10. Environmental control and assistive devices 136 Jessica Johnson and William C. Mann

11. Wheelchair design and seating technology 147 Rory A. Cooper, Rosemarie Cooper and Michael L. Boninger

12. Rehabilitation robotics, orthotics, and prosthetics 165 H.I. Krebs, N. Hogan, W.K. Durfee and H.M. Herr

13. Virtual reality in neurorehabilitation 182 Patrice L. Weiss, Rachel Kizony, Uri Feintuch and Noomi Katz

14. Communication devices 198 Cheryl Y. Trepagnier, Beth Mineo Mollica, Sheela Stuart and Carole Brown

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