Kinetic partitioning between aggregated and correctly folded proteins, 71, 201 in CCT-mediated release/folding, 124 Kinetically-trapped protein GroEL retrieval of, possible, 233 mMDH, chaperonin-assisted refolding of, 178-179 multiple folding pathways and, 184 reactivation of, 204-208 in vivo, 11 Kinetics of ATP and energy transduction, 184-195

of binding to CCT versus GroEL, 19 of blocking off-pathway reactions, 180-182

of bound substrate conformations, 195-200

of chaperonin in vivo behavior, 179 GroES acceleration of folding, 223 models for folding efficiency Anfinsen cage, 202-203 binding aggregation-prone intermediates, 200-202 cpn60:protein interactions, 203-204 recycling of unproductive states, 204-208

of release of bound proteins, 171-176 of Rubisco subunit interaction with cpn60, 76-77

of specificity and affinity for substrates,

168-170 of spontaneous protein folding,

182-184 of yield enhancement in folding reactions, 176-179

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