Behavioral Disturbances in Dementia

Open trials of SSRI treatment of behavioral disturbance in dementia where there is no coexisting mood disturbance have been reported. Trappler and Vinuela106 described the treatment of three patients with dementia (two SDAT, one multi-infarct) and stereotyped behaviors with fluvoxamine at a maximum dose of 150 mg/day. In two patients, complete resolution of these behaviors occurred within 6 weeks, the other patient had some residual symptoms but an overall noticeable improvement after 8 weeks. Pollock et al107 conducted an open trial of citalopram in 16 patients with dementia and associated behavioral distur bance, finding that 13 of the patients tolerated the medication of whom 9 had a "clinically impressive response." A statistically significant overall reduction in shouting and calling out was observed.

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