Rhytidectomy surgery complications: Non-surgical alternative

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Geriatric dermatology

Geriatric Changes

Although the entire body changes slowly with advancing years, aging of the skin is readily visible and readily noticed by both men and women. If the sale of cosmetics (e.g., moisturizing creams, age spot removers, wrinkle creams, wigs, hair dyes for men and women) is any sign, it would seem obvious that the constant search for the elixir of youth is mainly directed toward maintaining a youthful-looking skin. Consider the interest in retinoic acid (Retin-A, Renova), a-hydroxy acids, chemical peels, botulism toxin, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles and aging skin. The two most important skin-care strategies to avoid signs of aging are to protect the skin from ultraviolet light and avoid exposure to tobacco smoke.

Transfacial Approaches To The Mandible

The mandible can be exposed by surgical approaches using incisions placed on the skin of the face. The position of the incision and anatomy vary according to the region of the mandible approached. Because there are almost no anatomic hazards to transfacial exposure of the mandibular symphysis, this approach is not presented. The focus of this section is on the submandibular, retromandibular, and rhytidectomy approaches. All are used to expose the posterior regions of the mandible and all must negotiate important anatomic structures. Approaches to the temporomandibular joint are presented in Section VI.

Step 3 Skin Incision and Dissection

Figure 11- 3 Underminig of the skin with Metzenbaum of facelift scissors. Figure 11- 3 Underminig of the skin with Metzenbaum of facelift scissors. Figure 11- 5 The posterior mandible exposed through the rhytidectomy approach. The retractor is placed into the sigmoid notch, retracting the masseter, parotid, and superior branches of VII. Figure 11- 5 The posterior mandible exposed through the rhytidectomy approach. The retractor is placed into the sigmoid notch, retracting the masseter, parotid, and superior branches of VII.

Step 1 Preparation and Draping

Pertinent landmarks useful during dissection should be exposed throughout the surgical procedure. When the rhytidectomy approach to the mandible ramus angle is used, the structures that should be visible in the field include the corner of the eye, the corner of the mouth, and the lower lip anteriorly and the entire ear and descending hairline, as well as 2 to 3 cm of hair superior to the posterior hairline, posteriorly. The temporal area must also be completely exposed. Inferiorly, several centimeters of skin below the inferior border of the mandible are exposed to provide access for undermining the skin. Shaving the sideburns and temporal hair is unnecessary, except from a convenience standpoint.

Wrinkle Reverse

Wrinkle Reverse

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