Pigmentary Dermatoses

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Chloasma. (Melasma)

DifferentialDiagnosiS Treatment


Differential, Diagnosis


Classiiieationof. Pigmentary,. Disorders Bibliography

There are two variants of pigmentation of the skin: hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. The predominant skin pigment discussed in this chapter is melanin, but other pigments can be present in the skin. A complete classification of pigmentary disorders appears at the end of this chapter.

The melanin-forming cells and their relationship to the tyrosine-tyrosinase enzyme system are discussed in Chap 1.

The common clinical example of abnormal hyperpigmentation is chloasma, but secondary melanoderma can result from many causes.

The most common form of hypopigmentation is vitiligo, but secondary leukoderma does occur.

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