Tumors of Nerve Tissue and Mesodermal Nerve Sheath Cells

1. Neuroma: rare, single or multiple small reddish or brown nodules that are usually tender as well as painful.

2. Neurofibroma: benign flesh-colored soft tumor that is frequently single, but when multiple it is associated with neurofibromatosis; when very large it is called a plexiform neuroma. Can have sarcomatous degeneration.

3. Neurofibromatosis (see Fig 26.-1.3, Fig 31-.4.C., and Fig 33-6). Also known as von Recklinghausen's disease, this hereditary disease classically consists of pigmented patches (cafe-au-lait spots), pedunculated skin tumors, and nerve tumors. All of these lesions may not be present in a particular case.

4. Neurilemoma

5. Granular cell schwannoma or myoblastoma. From neural sheath cells, this appears usually as a solitary tumor of the tongue, the skin, or the subcutaneous tissue.

6. Malignant granular cell schwannoma or myoblastoma

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