Tumors of Vascular Tissue

*1. Hemangioma

2.Granuloma pyogenicum (Fig.^-SQ): Also known as "proud flesh," this is a rather common end result of an injury to the skin that may or may not have been apparent. Vascular proliferation, with or without infection, produces a small red tumor that bleeds easily. It is to be differentiated from a malignant melanoma. Biopsy and mild electrocoagulation are curative.

Figure 32-30. Miscellaneous tumors of the skin. Granuloma pyogenicum on thumb. (Syntex Laboratories, Inc.)

3.Osler's disease: See Rendu-Osler-Weber disease in the Dictionary-Index.

4.Lymphangioma: A superficial form, lymphangioma circumscriptum, appears as a group of thin-walled vesicles on the skin surface, whereas the deeper variety, lymphangioma cavernosum, causes a poorly defined enlargement of the affected area, such as the lip or the tongue. Large lymphatic cisternae may underlie apparently superficial tumors.

5.Glomus tumor: a rather unusual small, deep-seated, red or purplish nodule that is tender and may produce severe paroxysmal pains. The solitary lesion is usually seen under a nail plate, on the fingertips, or elsewhere on the body and may erode underlying bone.


7.Kaposi's sarcoma (multiple idiopathic hemorrhagic sarcoma) (Fig 32.-.3.1.. and see Fig 1.8:6 and Fig, 18:1.1): most commonly seen on the feet and the ankles as multiple bluish red or dark brown nodules and plaques associated with visceral lesions. Sarcomatous malignant degeneration can occur.

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Figure 32-31. Rarer tumors of the skin. (Owen/ Galderma)

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Figure 32-31. Rarer tumors of the skin. (Owen/ Galderma)

Kaposi's sarcoma is also seen as part of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (see Chap 18). In this complex, the sarcoma lesions are small, oval, red or pink papules that occur on any area of the body.

Both AIDS-related and non-AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma have been associated with human herpesvirus simplex type 8, which is also called Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus.


9.Postmastectomy lymphangiosarcoma (Stewart- Treves syndrome)

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