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Physical fatigue related to muscle weakness is present in around 75% of those with multiple sclerosis but this should be distinguished from mental fatigue and from EDS. The latter is usually due to sleep fragmentation caused by immobility, discomfort, muscle spasms, nocturia and occasionally central or obstructive sleep apnoeas. Periodic limb movements in sleep have also been reported as being common in multiple sclerosis, and depression may have an important impact on sleep. Polysomnography may show an increased sleep latency and duration of time awake after sleep onset, and early morning awakening. The HLA DR2 type is present in 50-60% of those with multiple sclerosis, but narcolepsy, which shares this HLA type, is not commoner in multiple sclerosis than in the general population.

The fatigue of multiple sclerosis may respond to modafinil 200 mg daily.

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