Psychological disturbances

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These are common during the episode of insomnia, but are completely reversible once it is relieved. They include:

1 Loss of concentration and deterioration of memory.

2 Irritability and mood disturbance including anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are present in more than 50% of those with chronic insomnia and may be either a cause or a result of the insomnia. A vicious cycle of insomnia and worsening anxiety and depression often develops. If insomnia persists despite treatment of depression or alcoholism or following cessation of antipsychotic drugs and schizophrenia, it is more likely that the underlying psychiatric disorder will relapse.

3 Loss of motivation.

4 Fear regarding long-term health effects of insomnia.

5 Intrusive ruminating thoughts at bedtime. These are often related to a fear of not sleeping or frustration or anger at the degree of insomnia and of not being able to function effectively, either at work or in family or social life.

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