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Sleep-state misperception is due to an inaccurate perception of the time spent asleep. There is a wide range of accuracy of perception of sleep in those with insomnia, but it is common for the sleep latency to be exaggerated and sleep efficiency to be underestimated. Sleep-state misperception probably represents the extreme end of the range of misperception and interestingly it may be associated with similar physiological changes to those seen in primary insomnia, despite apparently normal sleep.

Sleep-state misperception usually occurs in young adults, especially females. Their complaint is of a difficulty in sleeping at night, especially difficulty in initiating sleep and difficulty in maintaining sleep, or occasionally even of not sleeping at all. This may be associated with daytime fatigue and mood changes. Investigations do not reveal any sleep abnormality.

Polysomnography shows a normal sleep duration, sleep latency and architecture, with few arousals. A similar degree of poor sleep is usually reported during the study as during sleep at home. MSLTs are normal.

The diagnosis is made by a combination of the history of insomnia with normal polysomnography and the absence of any other sleep disorder. The condition should be distinguished from short sleepers, DSPS, psy-chophysiological insomnia and malingering, in which the subject is aware that there is no true insomnia. The demonstration of a normal sleep pattern, treatment of any associated anxiety or depression, and help in improving the accuracy of perception of sleep may be of benefit.

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