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The Epic soccer training program was developed by Matt Smith, a former All American professional soccer player who has also trained players of different skill levels, so he knows exactly what hes talking about. This training content consists of a Pdf format workbook and 4 modules (each module consisting of between 21 and 10 videos). In fact, the program uses exercises and drills that are designed to quickly improve users touch. Unlike other programs using those soccer skills to teach people slow movements, the Epic Soccer Training system focus on dynamic touches where people are moving at the fast pace are more effective in increasing your skills. With the help of this e-guide, you will be able to get more efficient touches in a short period of time. Around 90-percent of the methods and drills provided and demonstrated by Matt Smith inside his program can be executed without the assistance of another person. Read more...

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This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

The Matchfit Method

The product is created and marketed by James Donnelly. This man is very willing to help ambitious footballers like you. The author is also a professional footballer with all the skills and experience that he thinks can help other go-getting footballers momentously. The Matchfit Method is a step-by-step Mildness, Endurance, strength, speed, Injury prevention and Nutrition system that aims at helping footballers from all parts of the world. This program provides you with the exact training routines that you need to complete. The author understands that you are already receiving training from your club training but now you need to improve in the key areas of football performance. This product is available in PDF downloadable formats. Though, some of the bonuses are available in video formats to really help you understand what is required from your side. With all the information available in those two formats, it can really helpful to you regardless of your football skills. Read more...

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Total Soccer Fitness

Total Soccer Fitness is a guide that promises to take your soccer game to a whole new level. Not by improving your technique, but by strengthening your physique through a unique soccer conditioning program. This program teaches people how to use plyometrics safely and effectively to increase their power, speed, and their jumping ability. The program also covers the best strength and power exercises that are specifically designed for soccer, and circuit training workouts to improve endurance and flexibility. The main guide you get in Pdf format is over 160 pages long, and contains some great tips of all the major aspects of soccer fitness.

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Author: Phil Davies
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Patrice L Weiss1 Rachel Kizony12 Uri Feintuch23 and Noomi Katz2

2002 Reid, 2002 Sveistrup et al., 2003 Weiss et al., 2004) and to provide recreational opportunities for people with severe disabilities (Weiss et al., 2003b). For example, Kizony et al. (2003a) described an example of a patient following a right hemisphere stroke with attention deficits 6 months after the event. During VR treatment he was required to pay attention to the entire visual space as well as moving his affected arm in the neglected space, as for example, he played the role of a soccer goalkeeper whose task was to deflect balls that came towards him from all directions. During the game, he saw himself within the virtual environment, and received immediate visual and auditory feedback to help him improve his performance. The patient expressed enjoyment and motivation to continue with this kind of treatment. The adaptations applied to these VR environments enable the treatment of visual spatial attention and USN common symptoms following brain damage, by controlling the...

Effect of Exercise on Iodine Metabolism

There has been very little study of the effects of exercise on iodine metabolism. Just two studies22-24 have investigated the iodine in sweat and urine of athletes. In a study of 10 Japanese rowing club students in 1985, the iodine concentration in sweat was close to 37 g l regardless of urinary iodine excretion, which was 50-393 (mean 149) g day during 6 consecutive days of a summer training camp, similar to that of 40-441 (mean 153) g day in five sedentary students,22 In a subsequent Chinese study of 13 soccer-team players and 100 sedentary students,23 24 sweat iodine concentration of the 13 physically active male athletes was 37 6.6(SE) g l. There was no difference in iodine concentrations in sweat samples collected before and after intake of food high in iodine, nor between those collected before and after 1 hour of strenuous exercise, indicating that iodine concentration in sweat is more stable than that of urine.23 The sweat lost in 1 hour was estimated at 52 24 (12-100) g,...

Symmetry and function

In practice, the symmetry class of an object is often related to the way it is used. Spherical symmetry, for example, predominates in objects that are used with little or no constraint from any specific direction, as with soccer balls that roll around in any way we choose. Radial symmetry, on the other hand, is common in cases where constraints operate along one major axis. Bottles and stools, for instance, are designed to withstand the effects of gravity bottles prevent liquids being spilt everywhere, and stools stop you from falling to the floor when you sit down. Both of these types of object have radial symmetry, with a single major axis running vertically, parallel to the gravitational force they are designed to oppose. By contrast, pouring jugs and chairs have bilateral symmetry, because they are designed to accommodate a second directional constraint in addition to gravity, the shape of a hand that comes from one side to lift them or the shape of a person who wishes his back to...

Rib Stress Fracture Volleyball

Rib stress fractures have been reported in several sports, including rowing, rugby, golf, weightlifting, volleyball, gymnastics, judo, tennis, table tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, javelin throwing, backpacking, and wind surfing 8-23 . Muscular forces are predominately responsible for these stress fractures 24 . Muscles that attach to ribs are used during upper-extremity movements, trunk rotation, bending, and breathing. The stress placed on the ribs by the muscles during repetitive contraction is accentuated during training because, as in other bones such as the sternum, muscles strengthen more rapidly than bone. In addition, muscle fatigue during prolonged activity lessens the ability of a muscle to absorb and dissipate energy, which then places a bone at risk for fracture 25 . First-rib stress fractures occur most commonly in athletes whose sports involve repetitive overhead positioning of the arm such as baseball pitching, basketball, lacrosse, weightlifting, ballet, javelin...

Segment identity in flies

By looking at the pattern of larval segments in his mutant with the entire Bithorax Complex deleted, Lewis made a remarkable discovery. The segments from 5-13 were no longer distinct from each other they all resembled segment 4. In other words, the larva was normal at the head end (segments 0-4), but then it had nine rear segments that all looked like segment 4 (Fig. 4. 13, middle specimen). Remember that in the mutants I previously mentioned, it was only segment 5, the region that bears the halteres, that was transformed to resemble segment 4. But in the case of this new mutant, all of the segments from 5 onwards had assumed the same identity as segment 4. If such a larva could have survived to adulthood, it would have turned into a fly with 22 legs, the same number as an entire soccer team (it would also have had 20 wings).

William Glenn Raasch MD David J Hergan MD

Several studies have addressed the epidemiology of stress fractures, highlighting the sports in which injury is more common. For example, Johnson and colleagues 3 , in a 2-year prospective study on the incidence of stress fractures in the collegiate athletes, the stress fracture rate in males was highest in track-and-field (9.7 ), followed by lacrosse (4.3 ), crew (2.4 ), and football (1.1 ). In the female population, the stress fracture rate was also highest in track-and-field (31.1 ), followed by crew (8.2 ), basketball (3.6 ), lacrosse (3.1 ), and soccer (2.6 ).

Many Effects

In SARS-affected regions, businesses that rely on travelers and tourists struggled and were often forced to cut their work force to meet payrolls. Airlines with flights to Hong Kong and mainland China were especially hard-hit. In Toronto a girls' soccer team had won the right to compete in an exhibition match in Pennsylvania, but the team's coach was told not to come after all. One of the players, a sixteen-year-old, had hoped to show her skills and perhaps get a college scholarship. It was my one big chance, she says. I was literally crushed. 3

Frames of Mind

Similarly, Chinese Americans whose American identities were evoked adopted more stereotyp-ically American preferences (e.g., for individuality and competition over collectivism and cooperation) compared with when their Chinese identities had been triggered (LeBoeuf, 2002 LeBoeuf & Shafir, 2004). Preference tends to align with currently salient identities, yielding systematic tension anytime there is a mismatch between the identity that does the choosing and the one likely to do the consuming, as when a parent commits to a late work meeting only to regret missing her child's soccer game once back at home.

Culture And Cloning

New technologies will necessitate new stories. Octuplets and septuplets will be the first in our species to hear a story of the dogs and the cats, about being part of a litter. We need a story for a child whose entire first-grade class, and soccer team, consists of siblings. Children of postmenopausal pregnancy will need a new story more fitting than that of the accidental late-born child of yesterday. Children of sperm and egg donors will need a story. While today most parents do not tell their children of the presence of donor DNA, eventually it will not be optional. Perhaps these children

Apophyseal Injuries

In 1912 Sever39 described a benign inflammatory condition to the cal-caneal apophysis in active adolescents. The sports most commonly associated with Sever's disease are soccer and running. The disease presents with unilateral or bilateral (60 ) posterior heel pain in the 8-to 13-year-old athlete. It is associated with accelerated growth, tight heel cords, and other biomechanical abnormalities. Patients present with tenderness at the insertion of the Achilles tendon on the calcaneus. Radiographs may show partial fragmentation and increased density of the os calcis, thereby ruling out other rare causes of heel pain, such as unicameral bone cyst or a stress fracture. Activity modification, stretching of the gastrocnemius-soleus complex, ankle inverters and everters, and heel cups have all proved helpful. Children may return to sports without limitation 2 to 4 weeks after symptoms resolve.


Spina Bifida Occulta Pain

The general athletic population is not necessarily at a higher risk than the general population for developing spondylolysis however, athletes in certain sports with repetitive hyperextension, extension, and rotational movements of the back show an increase in the incidence of a spondylolytic cause 4-8 . Examples of such sports are ballet, gymnastics, diving, and soccer 4-8,37,39 . In a study by Ciullo and Jackson 47 , there was an 11 incidence of spondylolysis in female gymnasts, approximately four times the anticipated rate in North America.

Grant Lloyd Jones MD

Sinha and colleagues 4 reported on 44 cases of upper-extremity stress fractures in athletes, including rib fractures but excluding spine and physeal fractures. The authors divided the patients into four categories based on the predominant type of upper-extremity activity required for participation in their sport (1) weight lifting (eg, football, weight lifting, and wrestling) (2) upper-extremity weight bearing (eg, gymnastics, diving, and cheerleading) (3) throwing (eg, pitcher, soccer goalie, and javelin) and (4) swinging (eg, golf and tennis). The authors noted that all fractures in the weight bearers were distal to the elbow, whereas most fractures in the throwers affected the shoulder girdle. In the swingers, lower-rib fractures predominated. The weight lifters, on the other hand, had stress fractures throughout the upper extremity but none in the ribs. Overall, the ulnar shaft stress fracture was the most frequently reported stress fracture in their series and occurred in all...

Case Examples

An 18-year-old elite collegiate soccer player presented to the athletic trainers with a 7-month history of left shin pain. She had a history of a previous left tibial stress fracture at age 16 years that had resolved after a period of rest no other medial problems were noted. On examination, there was a palpable mass midshaft tibia that was painful to palpation. Radiographs revealed an antero-medial stress fracture with some callus formation. Treatment options were discussed and symptoms improved after a period of activity modification. Later that season, she was hit in the left leg during a game and had acute pain and deformity at the stress fracture site. Radiographs confirmed a complete fracture through the anterior stress fracture (Fig. 5). She was treated with intramedullary fixation. Radiographs continued to show lack of healing at the fracture site, so 4 months later, the nail was dynamized and 2 months after that she was able to return to soccer. The fracture did not heal and...


Musculotendinous junction and the insertion into the calcaneus. The injury can be open or closed, and may be caused by a direct blow or an indirect force. Most injuries tend to occur when pushing off with the weight-bearing foot while extending the knee. Some Achilles tendon ruptures occur following sudden ankle dorsiflexion or violent dorsiflexion of a plantarflexed foot.9,10 Most ruptures occur during sports. The sport that dominates as the cause of Achilles tendon rupture depends on the country where the study is performed. Basketball was the most common sport in the U.S. military 11 in Scandinavian countries, badminton players sustain most of the Achilles tendon ruptures 1219 and in Germany it is soccer.20,21

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Soccer Fitness 101

Be a star on the field in no time! Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps! With soccer season looming just around the corner it’s never too early to start getting ready. Soccer is an intense game, and it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you’re ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.

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