Tolerance of Nicotinic Acid

Large doses of nicotinic acid have been used to bring about changes in cholesterol levels for more than 50 years,32 despite annoying side effects. Flushing, a reddening of the skin with the sensation of heat or itching, is the most common side effect. This flushing response mainly affects the upper body and face, occurring 1 to 2 h after ingestion, and the symptoms usually disappear after repeated nicotinic acid administration. Reduced oral glucose tolerance has also been commonly reported in the past with ingestion of nicotinic acid, but recent evidence demonstrates that niacin can be used safely and effectively in diabetics who have good glucose control.33,34 Although the use of pharmacologic doses of niacin have been associated with adverse side effects like flushing, liver dysfunction and gastrointestinal stress, newer formulations of niacin (extended-release) demonstrate minimal side effects with comparable effectiveness.35

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