Cariogenicity Potential Of Stevioside

In addition to their use in calorie control and for diabetics, alternative sweeteners offer another benefit in maintaining good dental health by reducing the intake of sucrose (Grenby 1997). Pure stevioside and rebaudioside A were tested for cariogenicity in an albino rat model at the College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago. In this study, 60 Sprague-Dawley rats were colonized with Streptococcus sobrinus and divided into groups fed basal diet 2,000 supplemented with either 0.5% stevioside, 0.5% rebaudioside A, 30% sucrose, or with no test compound at all. All four groups were sacrificed after five weeks of feeding, and viable S. sobrinus counts enumerated and caries evaluated according to Keyes' technique. It was concluded that stevioside and rebaudioside were not cariogenic under the conditions of the study (Das et al. 1992). In a more recent in vitro study, the eight sweet constituents of S. rebaudiana (stevioside, rebaudiosides A—E, dulcoside A, steviolbioside) and two hydrolytic products of stevioside (steviol and isosteviol) were tested against a panel of cariogenic and periodontopathic oral bacteria. Both their antibacterial activity and their ability to inhibit sucrose-induced adherence, glucan binding, and glucosyltransferase (GTF) activity were evaluated. None of these compounds suppressed the growth or acid production of the cariogenic organism, Streptococcus mutans, or affected sucrose-induced adherence, or GTF activity. However, rebaudiosides B, C, and E, steviol, and isosteviol inhibited the glucan-induced aggregation of mutans streptococci to some extent, and could provide oral health benefits by interference with cell surface functions of cariogenic bacteria (Wu et al. 1998).

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