With Differentiation Antigens and Cancer Testis Antigens

The first trials studying the immunogenicity and toxicity of peptide vaccination have been performed in patients with metastatic melanoma (Marchand et al. 1999; Jaeger et al. 1996; Cormier et al. 1996; Rosenberg et al. 1998; Scheiben-bogen et al. 2000; summarized in Table 18.1). In general, objective tumor remissions were only occasionally seen and were usually restricted to melanoma patients with limited disease. For instance, in a MAGE-3 peptide trial reporting a 30% response rate the 7 patients showing an objective tumor remission all had metastatic disease limited to soft tissue or lymph nodes and 14 patients who were not included in the response evaluation had early progressive disease during vaccination (Marchand et al. 1999). Antigens tested in clinical studies were mostly cancer germline antigens or melanocyte differentiation

Table 18.1 Clinical studies of peptide vaccination in patients with metastatic melanoma



Patients (n)

Tumor response

T cell response (type of assay)


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