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We've been told that we are a unique pairing in the thyroid world. Together, we bring you a wealth of information from quite opposite perspectives. We share a common goal to bring our readers much fuller information about the biology and biochemistry of the thyroid gland, thyroid hormone, diagnostic tests, and treatments. We have observed that most thyroid patients are forced to self-educate about thyroid disease, without the benefit of a medical education or even sufficient health literacy.

This creates enormous problems with genuine informed consent, and many people are vulnerable to misinformation. Misinformation can be shared by extremely well-intentioned patient advocates, but it can also be a vehicle with which to confuse you and sell you drugs, products, and services you don't need.

Added to this problem, many primary care doctors and even endocrinologists are not as immersed in thyroid disease as dedicated thyroidologists. They may not order the appropriate tests or understand how to interpret certain test results, and they may misconstrue facts and confuse patients further. Some may even have their own nonstandard "thyroid health miracle treatments," which they advocate in their own books for their own financial gain. There is also the continuing problem of how to identify helpful complementary therapy versus genuine quackery, which can have harmful health effects.

We've done a thorough literature review on thyroid misinformation, which we present in this book. We've tried to provide you with the correct information in language you can understand. The table of contents should be self-explanatory, but we urge each reader to especially visit Chapter 2 (on thyroid tests and labs) and Chapter 10 (on thyroid hormone), which will be your guideposts for the lifelong chore of staying properly balanced, or properly TSH-suppressed if you have had thyroid cancer. If you are one of those who frequently collect information from the Internet, we encourage you to read Chapter 19, "Thyroid Misconceptions and Misinformation."

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