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American Foundation of Thyroid Patients ( Thyroid Foundation of America Inc. ( Thyroid Foundation of Canada ( European Thyroid Association ( Latin American Thyroid Society (

Thyroid Federation International (TFI) Member Patient Organizations

Australia: Australian Thyroid Foundation ( and

Thyroid Australia ( Brazil: Thyroid Foundation of Brazil (e-mail: [email protected]) Denmark: Thyreoidea Landsforeningen ( Finland: Thyroid Foundation of Finland ( France: l'Association Française des Malades de la Thyroïde ( Germany: Schilddrüsen Liga Deutschland e.V. (SLD) ( Italy: Associazione Italiana Basedowiani e Tiroidei (e-mail: [email protected]) Japan: Thyroid Foundation of Japan ( The Netherlands: Schildklierstichting Nederland ( Norway: Norsk Thyreoideaforbund (

Republic of Georgia: Georgian Union of Diabetes and Endocrine Associations

(e-mail: [email protected]) Russia: Thyroid Foundation of St. Petersburg ([email protected])

Sweden: Skoldkortelforening i Stockholm ( and

Vastsvenska Patientforeningen for Skoldkortelsjuka ( United Kingdom: British Thyroid Foundation (

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