Barbiturates, 460 Barium esophagogram, 108 Barium swallow, 251 Barotrauma, 460

Basaloid squamous carcinoma, 209 Beaver blade, 558

BEF. See Bronchoesophageal fistula (BEF) Benign acquired fistulae, 350-351 Benign airway tumors sleeve lobectomy for, 431 Benign bronchoesophageal fistula repair of, 579 Benign chondroma computed tomography of, 222f-223f Benign cysts, 137-145 Benign fibrous histiocytoma, 87-88 Benign fistula clinical presentation and diagnosis of, 343-344 Benign mesenchymomas, 93-94 Benign stenosis bronchial sleeve resection for, 430 Benign strictures bronchial sleeve resection for, 432-434

long-term results of, 441 Benign tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF), 569-574

closure without tracheal resection,

574-575, 574f closure with tracheal resection, 569-574 intrathoracic, 575-577 Benign tumors, 137-145 Bilateral thoracotomy, 11, 513

incision, 515f Bilateral vocal cord paralysis, 702-703 Bioprosthesis, 843 Biopsy forceps, 472

Bipedicled anterior cutaneous flap, 689

Bivona hyperflex tube, 736

Bivona tracheostomy tube with talk attachment, 740 Blunt injury combined cervical tracheal and esophageal rupture, 638f-639f to neck, 280f in motor vehicle accident, 274f to thoracic trachea and bronchi, 272-274 Blunt laryngotracheal rupture with posterior laryngeal mucosa avulsion, 637f Blunt tracheal fractures, 277f Blunt trauma, 271 anesthesia, 457 cervical laryngotracheal, 273f damaging larynx and cervical trachea, 272 Brachiocephalic artery, 46-47 dissection of, 583 division of transient neurological sequelae following, 689 erosion of avoidance of, 500 hemorrhaging from, 488, 526 injury of surgery for, 493-494 tracheal fistula to, 357-361 Brachiocephalic-subclavian system, 54 Brachiocephalic vein, 46 Brachytherapy, 289 Brasavola, Antonio Musa, 2 Breast carcinoma, 83 Breast prosthesis saline-filled mediastinal repositioning, 421f Bretonneau, Pierre, 2 Brewer, Lyman method of main bronchial stump closure after pneumonectomy, 819f

Bridge bronchus, 673

resection, 672f Bronchi crush injuries of, 274 following blunt chest trauma computed tomography of, 279f laceration of, 276 metastases from remote sites, 267 Bronchial arteries, 51 Bronchial circulation, 830f, 831f anatomy of, 828-831 Bronchial malacia, 398 Bronchial resection in children, 434 Bronchial rupture, 118f, 277, 643, C14

radiography of, 278f Bronchial sleeve resection, 429-441 in bronchogenic carcinoma anatomic indications for, 430t cardiopulmonary reserve in, 431t defined, 430

forced vital capacity (FVC), 438f history of, 429-430

indications for, 430-434

long-term results of, 439-441

operative mortality and morbidity, 437t operative results, 436

pathology of, 432t perfusion ,ventilation, and washout curves, 438f postoperative care, 435-436 postoperative function, 437-439 preoperative evaluation, 434 reconstruction in, 441f technique, 434 Bronchial stenosis congenital, 177

following sleeve lobectomy, 435 motor vehicle accidents, 285f from mucormycosis computed tomography of, 131f from overlooked injuries, 283 radiography of, 120f Bronchial tear radiograph of, 119f Bronchial trauma imaging of, 116-117 Bronchiectasis, 714f, 715, 716 Bronchoesophageal fistula (BEF), 351-355. See also Congenital bronchoesophageal fistula (BEF) acquired, 354-355 benign repair of, 579 causes of, 342 Bronchogenic carcinoma, 262-266

bronchial sleeve resection for, 430 carinal pneumonectomy, 609f carinal pneumonectomy for, 13

results of, 266 carinal resection for results of, 262t, 264-265 diagnosis of, 262-264 management of, 264-266 Bronchogenic cyst, 410f in children, 188,189f Broncholith computed tomography of, 157f Broncholithiasis, 128 Bronchomalacia, 397-401 Bronchoplasty, 619-628 anastomosis, 622 anesthesia, 621 contraindications for, 620 indications for, 619-620 postoperative pitfalls, 623-624 preoperative evaluation for, 620-621 procedures, 628

right and left mainstem bronchi, 627 size discrepancies, 623, 623f surgical technique, 621-622 Bronchopleural fistula anesthesia, 457 omentum, 807-808 Bronchoscope, 167f Bronchoscopy, 162-163 of benign fistula, 343 of idiopathic stenosis, 373, 374f of mechanical injury, 276, 277-278 of primary tracheal neoplasms, 232-233 systematic measurement, 168 of tracheal lesions, 446 Bronchotomy, 2 Bronchus intermedius constriction of, 366f Burns, 284-289

stenosis following, 287 Button knife, 698

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