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figure 5-7 Quantitative recording of tracheal pathology. A, Tomographic cut of a trachea with the tracheostomy tube in place, stenosis and granuloma below (between arrows), a widened tracheal segment below this, and a short distal normal segment above the carina. This is a road map for the bronchoscopist. Bronchoscopic views correspond. View at: B, glottis (arrow) to site of stoma; C, stoma with tube in place; D, stenosis distal to stoma; and E, malacic and dilated trachea below stenosis with carina distantly seen. F, Diagram sketched in the operating room, from bronchoscopic measurements, using a marking pen on glove paper. Noted are the distances between vocal cords and tracheostome (dotted lines; 1 cm), stoma and stenosis (1.5 cm), length of stenosis (2.5 cm), and distal trachea from stenosis to carina (4 cm). A granuloma is roughly outlined above the stenosis, and stippling distal to the stenosis locates malacia above a few remaining, relatively normal tracheal rings. The outlines at the left represent configuration of this severely damaged trachea at levels where they were observed. Total tracheal length is about 8 cm.

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