Palliation of Distressing Symptoms

Relief of distressing symptoms is another important goal in caring for patients with advanced stage of tracheal carcinoma. Hemoptysis, which is alarming to patients and their families, is relieved in over 80% of patients receiving a moderate dose (40 to 45 Gy) of irradiation.28,29 Dyspnea associated with obstruction of the trachea, carina, or mainstem bronchi is also relieved in over 80% of patients with 45 to 50 Gy of radiation. Cough associated with carcinoma in either the trachea or carina is more likely to be relieved than cough associated with a peripheral tumor of the lung. Local pain associated with direct spread of the tumor to the surrounding normal structures such as the mediastinum, vertebral bodies, brachial plexus, and chest wall, has also been well relieved with radiation.

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