Vedic Hymns For Peripheral Neuropathy

Radiation therapy postoperative, 797-799

resected tracheal cancer, 792-793 tracheal cancer, 791-801 Radiography, 106-107 of benign fistula, 343 of cervical injury, 276 for thyroid carcinoma, 251 of tracheal lesions, 446 Reanastomosis, 5-6 Recent tracheostomy delaying resection, 447 Recipient airway blood supply optimizing, 833t Recurrent laryngeal carcinoma, 17 Recurrent laryngeal nerves, 46, 611f, 633f following reconstruction, 495 injury of, 272, 274, 280f, 526, 695 papillary thyroid carcinoma invasion of, 255f

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in children, 188 Recurrent tumors carinal resection for, 613f Referrals, 451 Reintubation postoperative, 336 Relapsing polychondritis, 133-134, 377-380, 398 computed tomography of, 136f tomography of, 379f Remifentanil, 458, 460 Reoperative tracheal resection, 22 Repeat tracheostomy, 502 Resected tracheal cancer postoperative radiation therapy, 792-793 Residual tumors carinal resection for, 613f Respiration, 693 Respirator support following tracheal reconstruction, 449 Respiratory papillomatosis laser, 728 recurrent in children, 188 Restenosis after reconstruction, 493 Reynolds number defined, 454 Rhabdomyosarcoma, 89, 140, 230 Rheumatoid nodule, 101 Rhinoscleroma, 130-131,188, 371 RICBA. See Right intercostobronchial artery (RICBA) Richardson retractor, 525f Right-angled tracheostomy tube, 677 Right aortic arch, 186,186f Right atrium enlarged, 414

Right descending aorta, 186,186f Right inferior laryngeal nerve, 46 Right intercostobronchial artery (RICBA), 828, 833 anatomic location of, 829f distribution of, 829f Right lower lobe bronchoplasty, 625 Right paratracheal stripe (RPS), 106 Right pneumonectomy chest radiography after, 820f computed tomography, 821f Gordon Jack's method of closure, 818f Right upper lobe bronchoplasty, 624-628, 625

diagram of, 626f Right upper lobectomy, 608f carinal resection with, 607-608 Right upper lobe sleeve resection, See Right upper lobe bronchoplasty Rigid bronchoscope children, 292f Rigid bronchoscopy, 165-171, 455 anesthesia, 458-459

anterior tracheal reconstruction, 517-519 contraindications for, 171 equipment for, 165f vs. flexible bronchoscopy, 729 for foreign body aspiration, 711 laryngotracheoesophageal cleft repair, 675 resection and reconstruction, 459 stenting, 777 Rigid T tube, 750f Rigveda, 4

Ring sling complex, 179 Rosen knife, 698 Rough artery, 2 Roux-Y loop, 577 RPS, 106

Rusch cuff, 321, 322f Rusch tube, 588

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Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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