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Preface To The Series

The medicinal traditions of ancient civilisations such as those of China and India have a large armamentarium of plants in their pharmacopoeias which are used throughout South East Asia. A similar situation exists in Africa and South America. Thus, a very high percentage of the world's population relies on medicinal and aromatic plants for their medicine. Western medicine is also responding. Already in Germany all medical practitioners have to pass an examination in phytotherapy before being allowed to practise. It is noticeable that throughout Europe and the USA, medical, pharmacy and health related schools are increasingly offering training in phytotherapy.

Therapies Involving Life Force Energy

Today, Western medicine concentrates on the corporeal body and doesn't recognize that we have a life force. However, in non-Western, ancient healing, it's thought that the life force is what heals the corporeal body. One of the most ancient forms of healing is energy healing, which can involve therapeutic touch or healing touch. Technically, these techniques are considered forms of biofield therapy. An energy healer will use his or her hands to help guide your life force energy. The hands may rest on the body, or just close to the body without actually touching it. Energy healing is used to reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep patterns and appetite, and reduce stress. Energy healing, supported by the American Holistic Nurses Association, has been incorporated into conventional nursing techniques with good results. Typically, the healer will move loosely cupped hands in a symmetric fashion on your body, sensing cold, heat, or vibration. The healer will then place his or her...

Research Unit for Plant Growth and Development Department of Botany University of Natal Pietermaritzburg Private Bag

This situation is not likely to change in the foreseeable future as many patients have more faith in traditional healing than in Western-type health care, and might prefer traditional healing even when Western medicine is available. Traditional healers have centuries of experience in using plants for healing purposes. Traditional usages of Salvia species by different population groups are listed in Table 2. Only nine species, a third of the species occurring in southern Africa, have been used for medicinal purposes.

Salvia yunnanensis CHWright

Medicinal Plants of China, Algonquin Mich. Reference Publications, Inc., Vol. 2, p. 381, citing Zhang, J, 1980, recent Achievements of the Institute of Materia Medica on Studies of Natural Products, pp. 15-54 in Proceedings U.S.-China Pharmacology Symposium. Oct. 29-31, 1979, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., and Ding, G., pp. 103-121 of above Proceedings, trials of some Chinese Medicinal Herbs.

Culture And Health

Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of physical, psychological, and social well-being. Health psychology is an applied discipline closely related to public health. It aims to improve human functioning, especially through better health care and prevention programs. Each culture has its own definition of health and health service. The Western industrialized countries tend to use a biomedical model for their services, emphasizing individual physical health. Developing countries, especially Asian ones, have a more collectivist, family-oriented, and holistic view of health and health service. Separation between mind and body is less distinct. Although Western ideas have penetrated deeply into many areas of the rest of the world, there remain strong influences from widespread folk beliefs about health. For instance, most Chinese believe that healthy nutrition requires a balance between hot and cold foods, and they accept and expect traditional Chinese medical...


Western reflexology was developed by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose, and throat specialist, who described reflexology as zone therapy. But in fact reflexology is practiced in several cultures, including Egypt, India, Africa, China, and Japan. In the same way as the ears are a map to the organs in Chinese medicine, with valuable pressure points that stimulate the life force, in reflexology, the hands and feet play the same role. For example, on a reflexology map the thyroid gland is associated with the base of the thumbs and big toes. Imagine you had a ring on your big toes or thumbs this ring is the pressure point for the thyroid gland. By applying pressure to this part, or other parts of the feet, hands, and even ears, reflexologists can ease pain and tension and restore the body's life force energy. Like most Eastern healing arts, reflexology aims to release the flow of energy through the body along its various pathways. When this energy is trapped for some reason,...


Massage therapy can be beneficial whether you're receiving the massage from your spouse or from a massage therapist trained in any one of dozens of techniques from shiatsu to Swedish massage. If you're hypothyroid, massage therapy may help to improve circulation and depression if you're thyrotoxic, it can help to relieve anxiety and calm you down. In the East, massage was extensively written about in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, published in 2700 b.c. (the text that frames the entire Chinese medicine tradition). In Chinese medicine, massage is recommended as a treatment for a variety of illnesses tuana massage, a form of deep tissue massage, combined with acupuncture is very effective. A Swedish doctor and poet, Per Henrik, who borrowed techniques from ancient Egypt, China, and Rome, developed Swedish massage (what most of us Westerners are familiar with) in the nineteenth century. It's out of shiatsu in the East and Swedish massage in the West that all the many...


Quantity that passed down through the pores in the palate and by way of the trachea to the lungs. This unspoken assumption behind the name is paralleled by that behind the modern definition We make the assumption that the inflammation of the definition results from infection by an organism. The identity of the organism gives us the ontology of the disease. A similar situation existed in all historical periods that is to say, definitions of disease have always carried with them some part of a theory of causation. (Purely empirical accounts of disease are descriptions of symptoms.) To put it another way, disease in Western medicine has traditionally been seen as disordered function. But function is a process, and knowledge of it depends on knowledge of how the body works.

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Chinese Herbs

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