Accurate recordtaking displacements

If there is a mandibular displacement between centric relation (CR) and centric occlusion (CO), this needs to be identified and accurately recorded at the record-taking appointment. Displacements (Fig. 8.1) can be a major factor in determining a surgical versus non-surgical decision for some patients.

It is therefore essential to lake records with the condyles centered in the fossae, so that treatment planning can be based on the CR position of the mandible. This will involve placing a wax bite (Fig. 8.2) for the record-taking process, including study models, facial photos, cephalometric radiographs, and, for some cases, tomographic radiographs. It is then necessary to adjust for the slight mandibular opening during facial and cephalometric analysis. The true A/P position of the mandible, with centered condyles, needs to be accurately established in this way, as a basis for treatment planning.

Fig. 8.1 Mandibular displacements are frequently found in Class III malocclusions. They need to be identified and accurately recorded.
Fig. 8.2 A waxbite is required to accurately record the A/P position of the mandible, with condyles centered. In this way, accurate treatment planning will be possible, based on records taken with the mandible at the CR position.


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