An overview of Class III treatment

Introduction 219

Accurate record-taking - displacements 219

Mandibular prognathism or maxillary retrognathism? 220

The timing of Class 111 treatment 220

The surgical/non-surgical decision in Class III treatment 222

The posterior 'squeezing out' effect of molar crowding 224

Class III mechanics 225

The four-stage treatment planning process 226

Setting a PIP for the upper incisors 226 The lower incisors 226 The remaining upper teeth 227 The remaining lower teeth 227

PIP components in Class III treatment 228

Upper incisor movement in Class 111 treatment 229

Mesial movement of upper incisors within the bone 230

Limits to mesial movement of upper incisors 230

Mesial movement of maxillary bone due to growth 231

Mesial movement of maxillary bone due to orthodontic treatment 231

Lower incisor movement in Class III cases 232

Distal movement and retraction of the lower incisors within the mandibular bone 232

Distal movement of mandibular bone - distal repositioning 233

Distal movement of mandibular bone - restriction of growth? 233

Mesial movement of mandibular bone - Class III growth 234

Case MS A Class III non-extraction case with crowding 236

Case KB A Class III case treated with extraction of second molars 242

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