Arch leveling and overbite control

Introduction 131

The development of deep overbite 131

The tooth movements of bite opening 132

Eruption/extrusion of posterior teeth 132 Distal tipping of posterior teeth 133 Proclination of incisors 133 Intrusion of anterior teeth 133

Non-extraction treatment 134

Initial archwire placement 134 The bite-plate effect 134 Creating the bite-plate effect 135 The importance of second molars 136 Torque issues 136 Bite-opening curves 137 Antero-posterior issues and elastics 138 Spacing in non-extraction cases 138

Extraction treatment 138

Light forces during leveling and aligning 139 Light forces during space closure 141

The development of anterior open bile 142

Early management of open bites 143 Management of anterior open bite during full orthodontic treatment 144

Case MP A maximum anchorage deep bite case with extraction of four first premolars 146

Case CW A deep bile non-extraction treatment 152

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