Bracket removal ceramic brackets

Ceramic Clarity™ brackets are removed using a different technique. Archwires need to be taken out first, and any excess bonding agent removed from around the brackets, using a high-speed flame-finishing bur (Fig. 11.5). Each bracket may then be collapsed by gripping it mesially and distally using band-seating pliers and squeezing (Fig. i 1.6). It can help the confidence of nervous patients, or those with slightly mobile teeth, if they use each anterior tooth in turn to firmly bite on to a cotton roll at the time of bracket removal.

On the rare occasions when a ceramic bracket does not fully detach itself from the tooth surface, it is necessary to remove the remains using high-speed diamond instruments, copious amounts of water, and high-volume suction.

Fig. 11.3 A special debracketing instrument or old ligature cutters can be used to remove metal brackets.

Fig. 11.4 If the archwire is removed with the brackets attached to it, this avoids the possibility of loose brackets in the mouth.

Fig. 11.5 It is correct to remove any excess bonding agent before removing Clarity™ brackets.

Fig. 11.6 Band-seating pliers (3M Unitek 900-711) are used to collapse the Clarity™ bracket by squeezing mesio-distally, so that it closes like a book. The pliers are applied approximately 1 mm away from the tooth surface.


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