Case Ss

A short overview of a non-extraction Class I case. Fuller details of treatment mechanics are included in Chapters 4 to 10.

A female patient, aged 10.5 years, with MM angle of 30° and slightly retroclined upper and lower incisors. At the start of treatment, there was mild anterior crowding with some rotations.

During tooth leveling, the MBT™ philosophy involves light forces with appropriate anchorage support from lacebacks or bendbacks. Anchorage support from palatal or lingual bars and/or headgear is used where appropriate. Multistrand or round steel and round or rectangular HAN I' wires are used. The .022 slot is preferred, and a range of standard metal, midsized metal, and clear brackets is available as a coordinated system. Here, accurately positioned mid-sized metal brackets and .016 round HA NT wires are in place, with bendbacks. Lacebacks are used mainly in premolar extraction cases, and were not needed in this case. Great importance is given lo accuracy of bracket positioning.

The philosophy recognizes three arch forms, and the need for individualization. After tooth leveling and aligning, steel rectangular .019/.025 wires are used to complete arch leveling and overbite control, to correct A/P discrepancies and torque, and to close spaces where necessary. I lere, rectangular steel wires with passive tiebacks are in place (l;ig 1.47).

Settling techniques are used for one to two months prior to debanding in the majority of cases (Fig 1.48).

The case after I month of settling (Fig 1.49).

The case after appliance removal (Fig 1.50).

Lower canine-to-canine bonded retainers are used for most cases, with upper removable retention (see Ch. 11). Post-treatment letters (p. 316) are recommended to encourage good cooperation with the important retention phase.

T.S.Beginning 10.5 years 9/23/94








WITS 0 mm

T.S.Beginning 10.5 years 9/23/94

scanned by UST team

SNB 82 0

WITS -2 mm

GoGnSN 29°

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