Distal movement of mandibular bone distal repositioning

In many Class III cases, there is a mesial displacement of the mandible at the start of treatment. As treatment progresses, the mandible repositions distally, to a position with the condyles centered in the fossae. This favorable change can be predicted at the treatment planning stage, and is a useful adjunct to distal movement of the lower incisors within the facial complex.

Fig. 8.25 In many Class III treatments, a mesial mandibular displacement is evident at the start of treatment. As the mandible repositions distally during treatment, and condyles become centered in the fossae, lower incisors move distally in the facial complex.
Fig. 8.26 Clinicians have achieved little success with chin caps and other orthopedic devices, intended to restrict mandibular growth in Class III cases. The authors have abandoned them.

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