Finishing the case

Introduction 280

Horizontal considerations 282

Coordination of tooth fit 282

Establishing correct tip of the anterior and posterior teeth 283

Providing adequate incisor torque 284

Management of tooth size discrepancies 285

Controlling rotations 285

Maintaining the closure of all spaces 286

Horizontal overcorrection 286

Vertical considerations 288

Correct crown lengths, marginal ridge relationships, and contact points 288

Final management of the curve of Spee 288

Vertical overcorrection - deep-bite and open-bite cases 289

Transverse considerations 289

Arch form 289 Archwire coordination 289 Establishing posterior torque 290 Transverse overcorrection 291

Dynamic considerations 291

Establishing centric relation and checking functional movements 291

Checking for temporomandibular joint dysfunction 292

Cephalometric and esthetic considerations 293

The final stage of finishing - settling the case 294

Finishing to ABO requirements 296

Case MB A high angle non-extraction case which required upper incisor torque and lower incisor enamel reduction 298

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