The introductory discussion in Chapter 7 (p. 162) concerning 'tooth alignment' orthodontics versus 'denture positioning' orthodontics is relevant to Class III treatment. The majority of Class III orthodontic cases require denture positioning procedures to achieve and then maintain a correct incisor relationship in the facial complex. It is beyond the scope of this text to discuss details of the Class III planning process, but the following general comments and overview will emphasize key points which can be related to treatment mechanics.

Successful treatment of Class III cases depends on identifying the true nature of the malocclusion, and on evaluating any probable growth changes. The following are relevant to the management of these cases:

• Accurate record-taking - displacements

• Mandibular prognathism or maxillary retrognathism?

• The timing of Class III treatment

• Making the correct surgical/non-surgical decision

• The posterior 'squeezing out' effect of molar crowding

• The use of Class III mechanics.

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