Intrusion of anterior teeth

Fig. 6.7 Proclination of incisors.

In the majority of treatments for growing patients, intrusion of anterior teeth is normally not required. As the face grows vertically, preventing or even restricting the normal eruption of these anterior teeth will essentially allow the bile to 'grow open' as posterior eruption, extrusion, and/or distal tipping occur.

This is not true in adult cases, where the musculature resists these posterior changes. Therefore, bite opening in adulls must be brought about by the proclination of incisors and/or the intrusion of ihese teeth. The intrusion of anterior teelh in these adult cases can be brought about with full arch treatment, but the process occurs slowly. Therefore, the use of supplemental intrusion arches, as advocated by Ricketts or Burstone, may assist the incisor intrusion process which is required for these adult patients (Fig. 6.8).

Fig. 6.8 Intrusion of anterior teeth.

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