Lingual bonded retainers

The authors provide a lower canine-to-canine lingual bonded retainer for almost all patients at the end of treatment. In first po premolar extraction cases, this is normally extended on to the mesial fossae of the second premolars. The multistrand wire O may be .015 or .0195, and it is bonded using Transbond I-R™,

> with a meticulous technique. The wire can be made at the

^ chairside, but greater accuracy and adaptation are possible if it

2 is made on a model in the laboratory,

.g Careful cleaning of the lingual surfaces of the teeth is needed - much more than 011 the labial surface. A meticulous technique needs to be followed when bonding lingual or d palatal retainers, ensuring a perfectly dry field. As an alternative to conventional isolation with cotton rolls, the

~o following technique can be considered. A rubber dam can be

O placed to isolate the area. Orthodontists or their assistants may

O be resistant to the use of a rubber dam, because of the small g amount of additional time required. 1 iowever, with some

£ experience, the procedure goes smoothly and quickly, with less potential for moisture contamination. Micro-etching can be used at low pressure and for a short time for initial cleaning. This cannot be considered as a substitute for acid etching,2 which should be carried out in the normal way with 37% phosphoric acid for 20 to 30 seconds. Thorough rinsing and drying are then essential. Care is taken not to move the wire during bonding, and adequate light is used. Few breakages occur.

Fig. 11.8 The Transbond LR™ material may be taken from the dispensing syringe onto a hand instrument.

Fig. 11.9 Alternatively, the bonding material may be applied directly from the syringe, and this is normally the preferred method.

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