Mesial movement of mandibular bone Class III growth

This is a major factor in the treatment and subsequent retention of Class III patients, especially males. As mentioned previously (p. 226), any case which appears to have substantially unfavorable Class III growth patterns should be carefully monitored before making a commitment to correction by orthodontic means alone. If a decision is made to treat the malocclusion with orthodontics alone, every patient should be informed of the unpredictable nature of Class 111 growth, and of the implications of any unfavorable growth which may occur in the retention period. As described on page 226, unfavorable growth can be difficult to manage for the post-orthodontic patient, and therefore care should be taken to identify those cases which should be managed surgically from the outset. In particular, irreversible extraction decisions should not be made too early.

Fig. 8.27 Unfavorable Class III growth can be difficult to manage for the post-orthodontic patient.

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