A very pleasing improvement in facial esthetics was obtained. Because of the decision to extract first premolars and manage the case as a maximum anchorage treatment, it was possible to retract upper and lower incisors to near normal positions.

Considerable downward and forward mandibular growth took place during treatment, which assisted the treatment mechanics.

SN at S


M.P.Finaf scanned


M.P.Final scanned



Palatal Plane & Palate Curvature

Mand. Symphasis & Mand. Plane

SNA 82" SNB / 79 ° ANBZ 3° A-N _L_ FH 0 mm Po-N FH -11 mm WITS -4 mm GoGnSN ¿38 ° FM / 31 ° MM / 30 0 1 to A-Po 7 mm 1 to A-Po 4 mm 1 to Max Plane 108 6 1 to Mand Plane. 86 ♦


n A female patient, aged 10..3 years, with Class 1 denial bases on an average vertical pattern, but with a deep overbite and

< lower incisors at -1 ° APo. Facial profile was slightly Class

¡H II with a hint of mandibular retrognathism.

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