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During this last stage of treatment, finishing and detailing, it is important to continue to focus on treatment goals. As stated at the outset, in the preface, these are as follows:

H • Condyles in a seated position - in centric relation m • Relaxed healthy musculature

• Ideal functional movements - a mutually protected occlusion

• Periodontal health

• Best possible esthetics.

Patients treated with the standard edgewise appliance required a significant amount of wire bending during the finishing stage of treatment (Pig. 10.1). In the earlier stages of treatment, the teeth were moved into a reasonable position within each arch and the arches were brought into close proximity to one another. Then the tedious work of detailing began, and the best wire benders achieved the best results. Therefore, discussing finishing as an independent stage was appropriate, because it was a lengthy and challenging stage.

Because of the built-in features of the preadjusted appliance (Fig. 10.2), and the major emphasis on bracket placement, moving teeth to their finished positions begins as soon as the brackets have been placed and the first archwires tied in. There is a gradual flow toward the finishing stage, with less work required at the end. Finishing and detailing, as described in the authors' first book, is therefore no longer a separate and lengthy stage of mechanics, but more a rewarding outcome for good management of the case, earlier in the treatment.

Fig. 10.1 It was difficult to achieve ideal results using the Fig. 10.2 The introduction of the preadjusted bracket system standard edgewise treatment system because of the large in the 1970s made achievement of ideal results easier, amount of tedious detailing which was required.

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