Stage 3 the remaining upper teeth

In the discussion on Class II treatment planning (p. 167), stage 3 of the process concerned the remaining lower teeth, followed by stage 4 - the remaining upper teeth. In Class III treatment planning the opposite applies. It is beneficial to evaluate the remaining upper teeth at stage 3. If upper premolar extractions are necessary (usually second premolars) then it is normally logical to extract lower first premolar, in a Class III case. However, if the upper arch can be treated without extractions, then a range of lower arch options needs to be considered.

The third stage therefore involves deciding how to position the rest of the upper teeth to fit the PIP for the upper incisors. It normally assists Class III treatment mechanics if upper arch extractions can be avoided. The dental VTO will confirm the required movement of molars and canines (Fig. 8.15).

Fig. 8.15 The third stage in Class Mil treatment planning involves deciding on treatment mechanics to position the rest of the upper teeth correctly to fit the PIP for the upper incisors.

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