Transverse Considerations Arch form

If a single arch form is used for every patient, it will give efficiency in arch form management. I Iowever, accuracy and stability cannot be achieved in this manner. The key to good arch form management is to have a balance between efficiency and accuracy. The arch form system described in Chapter 4 consists of the following elements:

• Three standard templates (square, tapered and ovoid) to establish arch form throughout the round wire stage and rectangular heat-activated stage, this is an efficient way of managing the early stages of treatment.

• Use of a wax template compressed over the brackets in the lower arch, before placement of the steel rectangular wire. The shape of the rectangular steel wire is then based on the wax template. It is evaluated and adjusted after reference to the patient's lower study model. This becomes the patient's individual arch form (IAF). This simple technique provides accuracy in the arch form system.

• Allowing the case to settle with a light wire (as opposed to the rectangular stainless steel wire) as the last treatment procedure. This technique will be described at the end of the chapter.

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