Upper Incisor Movement In Class Ii Cases

I laving decided on a PIP for a case, controlled upper incisor tooth movement is needed to achieve the goal. It is helpful to consider the upper arch in isolation when planning treatment mechanics to position the upper incisors at PIP. It is helpful first to plan the upper incisor correction, and second to plan the lower incisor correction. This allows clear and systemized organization of treatment mechanics.

When planning upper arch tooth movements, the lower arch is relevant as a possible source of anchorage, if Class II mechanics are required. Also, proper overbite control is needed (Ch. 6), so that lower incisor position will not hinder upper arch incisor movement. These considerations apart, the maxillary incisor tooth movements can and should be planned without regard to the lower arch.

In the following pages, typical treatment situations will be discussed, giving details of the recommended MRT™ treatment mechanics for each required movement:

• Mesial movement of upper incisors.

• Distal movement of upper incisors in cases with upper anterior spacing.

• Distal movement of upper incisors after upper premolar extractions.

• Distal movement of upper incisors in non-extraction cases without spacing.

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