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For example, the more closely the appliance matches the mechanics of the orthodontist, the less work is required in finishing. The better the brackets are placed and repositioned as needed, the less work is required in finishing. The greater the attention paid to accurate arch form and archwire coordination, the less work is required in finishing. The less that force levels overpower the appliance system, moving teeth to inappropriate positions, the less work is required during finishing. And the list goes on! In other words, there is a gradual and progressive movement toward finishing, rather than an abrupt, clearly defined treatment stage (Fig. 10.3). Therefore, probably the greatest advantage of the preadjusted appliance is that it lets us redefine finishing and detailing as:

The correction of errors made prior to finishing and detailing, over-correction as needed, and settling of the case.

This chapter will review and summarize the horizontal, vertical, and transverse factors that allow the orthodontist to arrive at a well-finished case. The tooth movements during finishing and detailing are minor, and are difficult to record with photographs. Therefore, the chapter relies on text, rather than illustrations, to explain the necessary procedures.

During the closing stages of treatment attention needs to be given to the following considerations:

• Horizontal

• Transverse

• Cephalometric and esthetic.

Fig. 10.3 Further improvements in technique have become possible using the MBT™ bracket system and HANT wires. Finishing and detailing are no longer a separate and lengthy stage of mechanics, providing the case has been well managed earlier in the treatment.

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