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General Properties Of Calpains

In addition to calcium concentrations, the proteolytic activity of calpain is regulated by the endogenous inhibitor protein, calpastatin. Calpastatin is highly specific for both forms of calpain and exists as both 70 kDa and 110 kDa forms, with internal repeat sequences that reversibly bind to calpain's proteolytic domain. 11,15 Because most tissues contain high levels of both calpastatin and calpain, calpastatin is in a unique position to play a critical role in the inhibition of calpain activity. Because the formation of the calpain calpastatin complex is calcium-dependent, it is likely that it occurs only after calpain activation. It has been suggested that calpastatin is involved in the regulation of calpain under conditions where calcium concentrations increase rapidly and exceed physiologic levels.11 This implies that calpastatin plays a crucial role in limiting the proteolytic activity of calpain under conditions where all the other control mechanisms have failed. Not...

Hypoxaemia the Vascular Endothelium and Thrombosis

By the 'suppressed major premise' that the vitality of the endothelium might be impaired by 'inadequate nutrition', i.e. inadequate blood flow and local hypoxaemia. (3) The vitality of the endothelial cells depends to a great extent on their contact with flowing blood, and, when the cells are deprived of this source of nutrition, disturbances of nutrition arise and the thrombosing process begin. (4) Injury to the intima is the most important factor in the pathogenesis of thrombosis. It can be counteracted by raising the head end of the bed so that the patient tends to slide downwards in the bed. Then the venous pressure in the extremities will rise so that the veins become distended with blood and the patient be forced to make active movements with his her legs to restore position. Thus the veins which are especially threatened by thrombosis will be rhythmically emptied and distended. Our emphases

Therapies Involving Life Force Energy

All ancient, non-Western cultures, whether in native North America, India, China, Japan, or ancient Greece, believed that there were two fundamental aspects to the human body the actual physical shell (clinically called the corporeal body) that makes cells, blood, tissue, and so on, and an energy flow that made the physical body come alive. This was known as the life force or life energy. In fact, it was so central to the view of human function that every non-Western culture has a word for life force. In China, it's called qi (pronounced chee ) in India it's calledprana in Japan it's called ki while the ancient Greeks called itpneuma (which has become a prefix in medicine meaning having to do with breath and lungs ).

The Short Form 36 Items Health Survey SF36

The Health Survey SF-36 was originally developed in the USA for use in large samples to monitor the yield of medical interventions on subjective aspects of health and quality of life. The SF-36 is a generic tool that measures two major health concepts physical and mental health, with 36 items generating eight multi-item scales Physical Functioning (PF), Physical Role limitation (RP), Bodily Pain (BP), General Health (GH),Vitality (VT), Social Functioning (SF), Emotional Role limitation (RE), and Mental Health (MH). A description of the contents of each scale and number of items for scale is reported in Table 3. Mental Vitality (VT)

Megasporogenesis And Embryosac Development

The megasporocyte is, in the ovular primordium, enveloped by parietal tissue and nucellar epidermis. It gives rise, through meiosis, to either tetrads or polyads (Figure 12.1) of megaspores (Chichiricco 1987). As a rule, the first meiotic division is transverse. The second division may be either transverse or, less frequently, oblique, so the resulting megaspores may be different in both size and shape (Figure 12.1) oblique divisions are recurrent in polyads. During the course of meiosis I, the megasporocyte shows chalazal polarization with regard to starch grains. As a consequence, these are inherited by either the last chalazal megaspore (tetrads), or the two last chalazal megaspores (polyads) (see Chichiricco 1989b). The embryo sac develops, according to the Polygonum type, from the viable chalazal megaspore of the tetrads, while the micropylar ones degenerate. In the polyads, the extra distribution of starch grains, probably associated with other factors, may give vitality to both...

National Association of Biology Teachers Statement on Teaching Evolution4

Modern biologists constantly study, ponder and deliberate the patterns, mechanisms and pace of evolution, but they do not debate evolution's occurrence. The fossil record and the diversity of extant organisms, combined with modern techniques of molecular biology, taxonomy and geology, provide exhaustive examples and powerful evidence for genetic variation, natural selection, speciation, extinction and other well-established components of current evolutionary theory. Scientific deliberations and modifications of these components clearly demonstrate the vitality and scientific integrity of evolution and the theory that explains it.

Sexual Urges Regrets and Remedies

However, these important neuropsychological events are surely not left to a single chemistry, for many neurochemicals, including opi-oids, contribute to the pleasure of sex as well as many other rewards (Van Ree et al., 2000). Another key player is the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, which can selectively increase female libido. Whether such manipulations could be deployed to facilitate human sexuality remains a poorly studied idea that is pregnant with possibilities (Chapter 21). There are some antiaging agents such as the monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, deprenyl, that can prolong sexual vitality in animals (Knoll, 1992), and hormone replacement therapies along with some pharmacological agents remain effective and ever popular (Crenshaw and Goldberg, 1996).

The influence of hormones on erection

Penis Size Hormone Blocker Patient

Dehydroepiandrosterone(sulfate) (DHEA(S)) DHEA(S) is an intermediate product of T biosynthesis. It is synthesized in significant amounts in the adrenal cortex. Although the serum concentrations of this androgen are a thousand-fold higher in primates than those of T, the importance of DHEA(S) is not yet well defined or understood. DHEA replacement therapy in men with proven DHEA deficiency resulted in increased vitality and

Physical Activity and HRQL in Obesity

Score Activity

In the Italian QUOVADIS study on nearly 2,000 obese subjects seeking treatment at medical centers, regular physical activity was associated with a lower prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome 29, 30 . The study was specifically aimed at measuring HRQL in obesity, and the results of the SF-36 and PGWBI questionnaires have recently been analyzed (G Marchesini, personal communication). Both questionnaires confirmed that HRQL was significantly impaired when compared to the normative values of the Italian population by the use of Z- score 31,32 , with effect sizes larger for the physical domains of SF-36 (Figs. 1,2). In subjects exercising regularly, at minimum levels of 1h per week, HRQL was systematically better than in sedentary persons, and significantly so in the four physical and two mental domains of SF-36, as well as in two domains of General Health and Vitality of PGWBI. General Health -Vitality General Health -Vitality

Religion and Wellbeing

Exploratory studies designed to determine the paradigms for wellness across a person's life span consistently name religion as a characteristic necessary for optimal health (Frankel & Hewitt, 1994 Wilcock et al., 1999). Meisen-helder and Chandler (2001) report that high frequency of prayer is associated with greater vitality and general health. Similarly, Ayele, Mulligan, Gheorghiu, and Reyes-Ortiz (1999) report that intrinsic religious activity (e.g., prayer, Bible reading) was significantly positively correlated with life satisfaction. Positive associations between religion and general well-being are evident along the continuum of human aging. Holt and Jenkins (1992) emphasized the importance of religion to older persons and stressed the need for gerontologists to exhibit greater awareness of religion as a health enhancer. Other studies conclude that traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and behaviors may be related to wellness in later life (Burbank, 1992 Foley, 2000 Fry, 2000 Levin...

Association For Behavior Analysis

And practice derive from the seminal work of psychologist B. F. Skinner (e.g. 1938, 1953, 1974). Its mission is to develop, enhance, and support the growth and vitality of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice. There are 3,922 members, of whom 1,212 are full members, 1,412 are student members, and 1,006 are associate members. Those remaining are chapter-adjunct or emeritus members. The association has 39 affiliated chapters, including 15 international chapters. Members of .ABA are located in 41 countries around the world.

Physical Activity and HRQL in Diabetes

Notably, diabetes patients undergoing intensive diabetes treatment do not face deterioration of their HRQL and psychopathology, assessed by generic and disease-related HRQL questionnaire. A questionnaire of general psychiatric distress (Symptom Checklist-90R 43 ) in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial 44 and intensive treatment for type I diabetes, coupled with education, are reported to improve HRQL 45 . The quality of life and the psychological well-being in patients with type 1 diabetes participating in an empowerment program improves significantly when compared with the scores measured in patients who refuse participation 45 . In particular, the Vitality and Social Functioning scales of SF-36 are no longer different from population norm after intensive education. Similarly, the Symptoms, Discomfort and Impact scales of the Well-Being Enquiry for Diabetics 46 , reflecting physical functioning, diabetes-related worries and familiar relationships, role functioning and social...

Sacred Sperm

While medieval and early modern clerics found the fruitless spilling of seed to be a capital crime, the scientific validation of the spermatic economy accounts, in part, for the proliferation of antimasturbation strategies in 19th-century Western civilization. A Swiss physician, Samuel Tissot, adopting a medical view, argued that the unnatural loss of semen weakened mind and body and led to masturba-tory insanity. (His dissertation, published in 1764, was reprinted as recently as 1980.7) Furthermore, the laws of the spermatic economy accorded that such masturbation would take away from the impulse to perform civilizing work that was the true manly calling. More recently, this belief about semen loss reverberates in admonitions to athletes not to engage in sex before games because the depletion of one's semen is thought to lead to the depletion of one's energy and vitality.

The Challenge Ahead

My own view is that the human condition will continue to be well served by sustaining the vitality of our scientific enterprises. The continuing health and robustness of the scientific and technological enterprise itself, however, depend, in part, on sustaining the intellectual authority of the


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art, which aims to restore the smooth flow of life energy (qi) to the body. Acupuncturists believe that your qi can be accessed from various points on your body, such as your ear. Each point is associated with a specific organ. Depending on your physical health, an acupuncturist will use a fine needle on a very specific point to restore qi to various organs. Each of the roughly two thousand points on your body has a specific therapeutic effect when stimulated. Acupuncture can relieve many of the physical symptoms and ailments caused by stress it's now believed that acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, which is why it's effective in reducing stress, anxiety, pain, and so forth.

Hunter and Hewson

There is a moral in the close collaboration between Hewson and Hunter the 'mechanist' conducting animal chemistry and the 'pathophysiologist' insisting on the distinctiveness of living processes had, by working together, advanced knowledge. Thus, the unification of perspectives that we seek had an important precedent. But the underlying tendency of these viewpoints to diverge soon reasserted itself. Baillie (1793) stated that reduced blood flow after obstruction of the inferior vena cava leads to thrombosis. Later investigators insisted that the loss of 'motion' or 'vitality' caused blood to coagulate (e.g. Thackrah 1819 Stevens 1832). Maybe the notion that 'stasis' has a causal role in DVT was born, or re-born, in the work of this period18 rather than in Boerhaave's writings per se but we should not lose sight of its Galenist roots (Chapter 8).

DHEA therapy

It has been shown that despite stable and longstanding conventional therapy with glucocorticoids with or without mineralocorticoids, many patients with adrenal insufficiency display a highly significant impairment of health-related quality of life 299 . Such patients have reported a reduced general health perception, decreased vitality, increased fatigue, reduced physical function, and sexual dysfunction 284,299,300 .


The national organization sponsors student paper and poster sessions at regional and national meetings and provides certificate recognition of outstanding student scholarship, as well as supporting student research more generally. For example, it now provides monetary support for undergraduate research conferences. It provides research awards for undergraduate and graduate students, research grants for students and faculty, and recognition awards for outstanding chapters and faculty advisors. Currently, Psi Chi provides 180,000 annually through its grants and awards programs. Psi Chi publishes Eye on Psi Chi, a quarterly magazine featuring articles of interest to psychology students and faculty. Issues such as preparing for graduate school, career planning, and increasing the vitality of Psi Chi chapters, as well as information regarding meetings and Psi Chi awards and grant programs are routinely presented. Finally, the organization publishes the Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate...

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