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The field of ARV drug treatment is rapidly evolving. Clinicians need to keep up to date with the latest guidance on drug doses and treatment. The WHO website is a useful source of such guidance (



Nucleoside RTIs (NsRTIs)

Zidovudine (ZDV)

300 mg twice daily

Stavudine (d4T)

40 mg twice daily

(30 mg twice daily if < 60 kg)

Lamivudine (3TC)

150 mg twice daily

Didanosine (ddI)

400 mg once daily

(250 mg once daily if < 60 kg)

Abacavir (ABC)

300 mg twice daily

Nucleotide RTI (NtRTIs)

Tenofovir (TDF)

300 mg once daily

Non-nucleoside RTIs (NNRTIs)

Efavirenz (EFZ)

600 mg once daily

Nevirapine (NVP)

200 mg once daily for 14 days, then

200 mg twice daily

Protease inhibitors (PIs)

Nelfinavir (NFV)

1250 mg twice daily

Indinavir/ritonavir (IDV/r)

800 mg/100 mg twice daily2,4

Lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r)

400 mg/100 mg twice daily

Saquinavir/ritonavir (SQV/r)

(533 mg/133 mg twice daily when combined with EFZ or NVP) 1000 mg/100 mg twice daily34

1 These dosages are in common clinical use. The dosages in this table were selected on the basis of the best available clinical evidence, and dosages that can be given on a once or twice daily basis were preferred in order to enhance adherence to therapy.The doses listed are those for individuals with normal renal and hepatic function. Product-specific information should be consulted for dose adjustments that may be indicated with renal or hepatic dysfunction or for potential drug interactions with other HIV and non-HIV medications.

2 This dosage regimen is in common clinical use. Other IDV/r dosage regimens that range from 800 mg/200 mg twice daily to 400 mg/100 mg twice daily are also in clinical usage.

3 Both the hard-gel and soft-gel capsule formulations can be used when SQV is combined with RTV.

4 Dosage adjustment when combined with an NNRTI is indicated but a formal recommendation cannot be made at this time. One consideration is to increase the RTV component to 200 mg wice daily when EFZ or NVP is used concomitantly. More drug interaction data are needed.

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