Clinical signs suggestive of HIV infection in children


failure to thrive in a breastfed infant before 6 months of age

recurrent bacterial infections

generalized symmetrical lymph node enlargement

extensive oropharyngeal candidiasis

suppurative otitis media in a breastfed infant

generalized rash e.g. itchy papular rash, extensive molluscum contagiosum

extensive fungal skin, nail and scalp infections

bilateral non-tender parotid gland enlargement

finger clubbing

enlarged non-tender liver with no apparent cause

splenomegaly (in non-malarious areas)

persistent severe anaemia

Less common

recurrent abscesses or deep tissue necrosis

recurrent herpes simplex

KS lesions

shingles in more than one dermatome

developmental regression

acquired rectovaginal fistula

Many of these signs are strongly suggestive of HIV. However, no particular sign is diagnostic and confirmation is necessary by HIV testing.

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